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Export Documentation

We help businesses produce the right export documentation for their goods, keeping up to date with changing regulations and international trade procedures, and getting to the heart of their particular needs.

Our clients regard us as their specialist export team - relying on our diligence and ability to bring clarity and avoid delays to goods reaching their intended destination.

Working within different sectors - pharmaceutical, food, medical devices, clothing, electrical, pet food - means we can guide any business through the process and find the solution that's right for them. And if you're a member of the Watford & West Herts Chamber of Commerce, you qualify for a 50% discount on our export service fees.

What kind of export documentation do you need?

Essentially, we save our clients the time and energy of keeping up to speed on export documentation. Then, they can concentrate on developing their international relationships and getting their goods ready for export. Our export services includes the following documentation:
  • Certificate of Origin : the certificate of origin is a document issued by an exporter that confirms and certifies the country of origin of its products.
  • EUR 1 : an EUR1, also known as a 'movement certificate', enables importers in certain countries to import goods at a reduced or nil rate of import duty under trade agreements between the EU and beneficiary countries.
  • ATR Certificates : an ATR Document is a goods movement certificate used for preferential treatment of goods moving between the European Community and Turkey. All exporters completing ATR documents must read a copy of the HM Customs and Revenue Notice 812.
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Apostille : an official government-issued certificate added to documents so they are recognised when presented in another country. If the country is not signed up to the Hague Convention further legislation may be necessary. See for member states.
  • Legalisation of documents : carried out at the relevant UK Embassy in London.

Export Service Fees

Our fees are competitive (especially if you are a member of the Chamber).
Please be aware that processing time varies from document to document so get in touch with us as soon as you can to avoid delays to exporting your goods.

Our opening times are 9:30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Contact Us

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