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Membership - The Benefits
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Watford Chamber Membership Benefits

Members of Watford Chamber of Commerce are part of a large and supportive network of people, resource, guidance and opportunity. We are a conduit to an impressive array of services and expertise to help you develop your business and thrive in the community.

It begins with making connections - being sociable and open-minded. The digital age teaches us the importance of communicating regularly. But finding quality leads and getting those all-important introductions offline, is equally important. It's not easy and doesn't always come naturally. That's where the Watford Chamber of Commerce can help. We create the environment for businesses to connect - start ups, self employed individuals, medium sized organisations and corporates.

So what do you need to grow your business? Is it people-based - suppliers, employees, partners? Or knowledge and training to help you develop your skills and increase your customer base?

You'll find the answer in our membership. Here are the 5 essential benefits:

Effective Relationship Building

We run a lot of networking events with different partners, such as Metro Bank. The format is simple but effective: a broad range of business people, proper refreshments (especially if one of our catering members is involved), 10 minute speaking slot, vital Chamber updates. Some of these events are open to non-members too which ensures attendance is excellent (and varied).

The membership team has the means of identifying potential 'link ups' and connections so we make it our business to nudge personal introductions at every opportunity.

Seminars and Workshops

A busy calendar of training events helps Watford Chamber of Commerce members trade more effectively and efficiently:
  • Learning key skills - from marketing to IT
  • Understanding legal and financial responsibilities
  • Discovering opportunities in other industries
  • Gaining more of a foothold in your own industry

Chamber of Conscience

This is a community-wide initiative that enables businesses to help and lend a hand where it's needed most. The Chamber of Conscience facilitates tangible benefits on an individual and community level. Improving people's lives through various acts of kindness and support. The effect is a stronger, sustainable and diverse community in which to live and work.

Membership Profile

The directory is an important way we promote our members within the chamber.

Benefits and Offers

No membership is complete without a series of benefits, offers and discounts. As a member of Watford Chamber of Commerce, you can take advantage of the following exclusive deals:
  • Export Service member rates
  • Discounts on a range of leisure and business services and products
  • Exclusive training events
  • Sponsorship opportunities
Ultimately, we are facilitators at Watford Chamber of Commerce. We empower and enable our members to thrive and be part of a sustainable community. What's stopping you?

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Watford Chamber

Watford Chamber of Commerce
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